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$4,599.99 $5,600.00 18% Off
Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a sunny day and wondered if there was a better way to get around? Did you look in the back seat at the bags of groceries, and think you're stuck driving anyway? The PakYak E+ is here to change all that! E-bikes are popular and functional, but what if you want to carry more than just yourself? Momentum's PakYak E+ cargo bike is here to rewrite the rules around how much you can carry and how fast. The rear cargo rack can carry up to 100 pounds, while the front rack can carry up to 33 pounds. Think of it: 133 pounds of just about anything! A powerful 250 watt SyncDrive Pro electric-assist motor adds power to your own efforts. With a motor like that, a fully-laden PakYak E+ will make speed bumps out of challenging terrain. How fast? Up to 28mph, depending on the 5 levels of assist selected on the color LCD RideControl Dash display. Need to charge your phone? There's a USB port on the RideControl Dash. Cool, huh? Up to 60 miles can be covered with a fully charged 500Wh battery that is mounted inside the down tube. The step-through frame style makes mounting and dismounting simple. The PakYak E+ features a long wheelbase, enhancing stability over surfaces rough and smooth. Instead of a derailleur, the PakYak E+ is equipped with a robust 5-speed Shimano Nexus Inter-5E rear hub. With an internal gear-driven hub, shifting can even be done at a standstill while waiting at a stoplight. Stopping power is critical with any cargo bike, and the PakYak boasts 4-piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with large 203mm rotors, ensuring confident stopping power is all conditions, rain or shine. Maxxis produces the PakYak's 24x2.5" Hookworm urban-ready tires, bringing a smooth feel and deft handling. The bike's seatpost is actually a dropper post with a remote lever on the left handgrip. Accessories that come on the bike make it even more useful, including the stout two-legged kickstand for easy loading and unloading. There's a clever locking "glove compartment" just behind the motor that can secure valuables, or can serve as the mount for an optional 500Wh Range Extender battery. Full-wrap fenders and daylight-visible head and tail lights that are powered by the main battery are perfect finishing touches on this capable machine. An Energypak 6A smart charger is included with the purchase of this e-bike.
$2,249.99 $3,250.00 31% Off
- Frame: ALUXX aluminum, Mid Step - Fork: ALUXX aluminum - Shifters: NEXUS 7 RevoShift, SL-C3000-7 - Crankset: Giant Crank
$2,249.99 $2,850.00 21% Off
The Vida E+ delivers an excellent riding experience, and is easy to live with, too! Giant's SyncDrive Life mid-mounted electric motor is helpful when tackling hilly rides or long distances (or both!). Five levels of assistance can be selected on the RideControl One handlebar controller, depending on the demands of the terrain. There's even an Auto Assist mode that will select the right level of power for you. The Vida E+ isn't a "throttle twister" e-bike, but a power assist e-bike that can help you enjoy more of the outdoors. The Vida E+ is limited to 20mph; going faster will simply cut power to the SyncDrive motor until you go below 20mph again. Momentum builds the Vida E+'s frame and fork with their own ALUXX-Grade aluminum, keeping overall strength high for improved power delivery and handling. The fit of the Vida E+ is more upright with a stable handling quality, making it easy to fit a wider range of riders and experience levels. The step-through model of the Vida E+ makes mounting and dismounting at stoplights and stop signs easy! The motor's battery is mounted within the oversized down tube of the frame, and can be removed for recharging. There's even a plug in the down tube for on-board recharging. The 500Wh battery will offer a long range, and will fully charge in roughly 3 hours. The Vida E+ is still equipped like a regular bicycle designed for commutes, errands and rides in the countryside. Tektro's M275 hydraulic disc brakes make every stop simpler and more predictable, even in wet and rainy conditions. Gear changes are even easier, thanks to a 7-speed Shimano Nexus internally geared rear hub. With a Nexus hub, you can change gears at a standstill if you want! Aluminum wheels are wrapped with grippy 26x2.35" tires, delivering a smooth ride over pavement and hardpan. An upright alloy handlebar and stem is paired with a comfy Selle Royal Essenza saddle, bringing a user-friendly cockpit to the Vida E+. A Giant EnergyPak 6A smart charger and a rear-mounted kickstand are included with the purchase of this bicycle.
$1,899.99 $2,400.00 21% Off
Frame : ALUXX aluminium, double tube low-step design Fork : ALUXX aluminium Shifters : 8sp trigger Crankset : Giant aluminum 38T
$1,899.99 $2,400.00 21% Off
Explore neighborhood streets, ride for fitness, or ditch the car for your daily commute. LaFree E+ is a perfect introduction to the world of E-bikes with low step-through frame, powerful battery, and comfort design with pedals. Designed for recreational riders, it lets you cruise up hills and cover longer distances in less time. The SyncDrive Life motor delivers 60Nm of smooth, quiet power that feels naturally in sync with your own pedaling. You can personalize it to your preferred riding style with an easy-to-use mobile app. LaFree’s step-through comfort design makes it easy to get on and off, and the lower, centralized motor position creates a balanced, stable ride quality. The EnergyPak is simple to charge on or off the bike with the included fast charger and any standard wall outlet. It delivers a long range of up to 65 miles on a single charge. Our RideControl One command center offers a simple, compact hand control interface that makes it easy to switch power modes, monitor batter levels,
$999.99 $2,200.00 55% Off
Designed for the speedy city life, we developed a new commute bike with electric power assistant. Lightweight, fast moving and just look like a normal bike. The Voya E+ will take you through a new commute journey. With the slim integrated battery and the only 1.7kg hub motor, the Voya E+ is the lightest ebike in the momentum lineup. The one button touch controller on the top tube provide intuition operate experience, with 3 ride mode support, you can ride steep climb without sweat, reserve more energy for the daily work, even ride more.
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