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Zipp 202 NSW Clincher Rim Brake wheelset

Zipp 202 NSW Clincher Rim Brake wheelset
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Color: Carbon with yellow decals

Size: 700c

1,375 grams for a wheelset. That was not a typo.

This is the lightest carbon clincher rim brake wheelset we've ever had in our shop. When you're looking for a way to get your bike up any given incline with less effort, light wheels are always the ticket. Zipp has been in the business of developing, analyzing, testing and finally building carbon fiber wheels for years, and the 202 NSW is their best climber's wheelset.

But the 202 NSW isn't just about going uphill fast. Going back down the other side can be just as important. The 202 NSW's refined dimpled surface helps keep aero drag to a minimum. Called Advanced Boundry Layer Control (or ABLC), This surface treatment provides drag numbers that match that of much taller rims. The blunt rim profile helps reduce instability from gusty crosswinds as well. The brake track has a specific carbon fiber "recipe" and surface treatment to improve lever feedback and stopping power, even in wet and rainy conditions. Bladed stainless steel Sapim spokes also slice through the air effectively. An 18/24 front/rear spoke count helps add extra resiliance and ride quality, especially with a 2-cross lacing pattern on both sides of the rear wheel. The 202 NSW's 77/177 hubs boast a large-diameter axle and hub shell that enhances handling, especially in high-speed turns and descents. This wheelset accepts 11-speed Shimano and SRAM cassettes.


Size(s) 700c
Model 202 NSW
Rim Material Carbon fiber
Hub(s) Zipp alloy 77 (front)/177 (rear)
Spokes (Front/Rear) Sapim X-Ray stainless steel bladed (18/24)
Holes (Front/Rear) 18/24
Nipples Alloy
Axle(s) Skewer
Skewer(s) Alloy
Lacing (Front/Rear) Radial front/2-cross rear
Cassette Compatibility 11-speed Shimano and SRAM
Valve Type Presta

* Subject to change without notice.