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Shimano PD-ES600 Pedal

Shimano PD-ES600 Pedal
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SPD pedals on high-performance road bikes have been a combination for decades. Most riders looking for a walkable cycling shoe are interested in SPD cleats and the corresponding pedals. But double-sided SPD mountain pedals tend to carry around more weight due to two sets of cleat bindings. Plus, the cornering clearence isn't as good as classic road pedals. Shimano's ES600 pedal is the obvious choice to get the best of both worlds. At only 279 grams for the pair (lighter than the previous version), the ES600 rivals many high-performance road systems, and is lighter than a pair of XTR mountain bike pedals. The spindle is also a high-grade stainless steel alloy, and uses sealed cartridge bearings for long service life. Pedal binding tension can be adjusted with a 3mm allen wrench at the back of the retaining clip. There are no wrench flats on the spindle, but the ES600's can be installed with an 8mm allen wrench. A pair of Shimano SPD cleats is included.

Clipless pedals, shoes, and cleats come in many varieties, some specific to one brand or another. If you have a favorite, you may already know what you're looking for, and what is compatible.

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