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Schwalbe Winter 700c

Schwalbe Winter 700c
700 x 30c
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Winter roads and trails need the right tires, especially when ice and snow seems to cover everything in sight. Schwalbe has been producing studded bicycle tires for years. This version of their Winter series boasts a more entry-level price.

Like a snow tire for automobiles, the Schwalbe Winter tire features a softer durometer rubber for the tread, offering improved grip on cold pavement compared to regular mountain or hybrid bike tires made for summer riding. The tread pattern is designed for improved grip on slushy, cold roads while still keeping rolling resistance relatively low. Shallow siping channels across the tread blocks improve grip on sand and road grit. The studs aren't aluminum, but are durable carbide alloy, ensuring many miles of performance. There are half as many studs as the Winter Marathon Plus tire, but the tire's overall weight is lower.

The 50tpi nylon casing makes up the Schwalbe K-guard casing, giving the Winters excellent puncture resistance. Flat tires in the summer are bad enough! A reflective sidewall adds to a cyclist's visibility in poor light conditions.

- For a safer journey. You have better control on icy roads with the Schwalbe Winter.
- Spikes work best on ice at the minimum pressure
- At max pressure, noise is reduced to a minimum on ice-free roads.