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Bontrager Flare R City Rear Bike Light

Bontrager Flare R City Rear Bike Light
  • Color: Black
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The Bontrager Flare R City rear light is pretty small in your hand, weighing perhaps two ounces. But the power in it is astounding! Installation on a seatpost is tool-free and takes only a few seconds with the elastomer strap. A one-button control allows the user to select one of four modes -flash or steady- to get a driver's attention. With a light output of up to 35 lumens, the Bontrager Flare R City can be seen up to 400 meters away in broad daylight! The flash it produces isn't a boring on-off-on-off, but a jumpy pattern that gets a driver's attention quickly; very useful when it needs to compete with neon advertising and crosswalk signals. Focused optics throw light in a 120 degree angle, keeping the cyclist obvious to drivers that may not be directly behind them. When light conditions change in urban riding situations during the day, the Bontrager Flare R City responds with automatic brightness adjustment. There's even a charge indicator light to avoid surprises when venturing out. If the charge drops below 5%, the Flare R City self-adjusts to a lower output, so as to allow a cyclist to arrive home safely from a long ride.

- Day flash: 35LM-8hrs.
-Night flash: 35LM-16hrs.
Day steady 20LM-3hrs.
Night steady 2LM-20hrs.

The Bontrager Flare R City comes with a Quick Connect bracket and micro-USB charging cable.