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Bontrager Velocis MIPS Road Bike Helmet
$150.00 $225.00 33% Off
Bontrager's most innovative performance helmet with the added protection of MIPS for serious riders looking for maximum cooling and an aerodynamic advantage. When you need a low-drag road helmet, but still need effective ventilation, the Velocis MIPS helmet strikes a perfect balance. Even the Trek-Segafredo team depends on the Velocis MIPS helmet when the chips are down. The interior of the Velocis MIPS has channels that flow uninterrupted from front to rear, pulling cooling air across the wearer's head for unmatched ventilation. Large open vents at the top of the helmet act as "smokestacks", allowing hot air to escape when working hard up long, sustained climbs. A Boa-based fit system allows one-handed adjustment for a perfect fit. Need a place to store your shades? The Velocis MIPS features sunglass ports in the front vents. There's even a removable fabric NeoVisor that can deflect wind and rain that comfortably secures with velcro into the forehead pads. Bontrager's Crash Replacement Guarantee provides free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership
Giro Aether Spherical
$165.00 $325.00 49% Off
The Aether MIPS combines airy, open design with a revolution in rotational energy management to advance head protection for cyclists. Inside the Aether, a dual-density EPS foam liner helps to manage a wide range of impact energies, while also boasting deep internal channeling to provide cooling airflow. Giro's proprietary MIPS Spherical technology is integrated between the layers of EPS foam – instead of against the rider’s head – giving riders the benefits of MIPS without any obstruction to comfort or cooling power. Outside, a sleek 6-piece shell forms a stunning silhouette around the massive vents, which get added structural reinforcement via a shatter-resistant AURA reinforcing arch. The final touch is Giro's Roc Loc 5+ Air fit system, featuring 3-way fit tuning, that allows easy adjustment in seconds for the ultimate in comfort.
Bontrager XXX WaveCel
$180.00 $300.00 40% Off

Bicycle helmets have been made the same way for over 30 years: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) with a polyester shell bonded onto the outside. New MIPS liners are a great innovation that addresses oblique impacts better, but the bicycle helmet has been largely unchanged.

Until now...

The WaveCel helmet design from Bontrager uses a completely different material called cellular copolymer. When used in conjunction with EPS and a polyester shell, this new material provides a much better management of real-world impacts that might cause a concussion. Even oblique impacts are absorbed much more effectively by the WaveCel honeycomb material by shearing progressively in the event of a hard impact. WaveCel material was developed as a helmet material from the beginning in Portland, Oregon at Legacy Biomechanics Laboatory. Using EPS and a polyester shell for the helmet's exterior allowed the designers at Trek and Bontrager to build the outside of the XXX helmet with familiar materials. Improved airflow ventilation and innovative external styling was always part of the plan when starting with a fresh helmet design.

The Bontrager XXX helmet is a no-compromise aero road helmet with sleek styling and excellent ventilation. The Trek-Segafredo pro cycling team has been putting the new helmet through the wringer of the pro racing season, trusting it to protect them while racing in conditions fair and foul. A Boa closure at the rear of the helmet allows one-hand adjustment while keeping the interior fit system light. The interior also features AgIon padding that eliminates odors naturally. There's even a second interior pad set with a NoSweat silicone channel to help keep sweat out of the rider's eyes. 9 large exterior vents allow smooth airflow when riding in hot and humid conditions.

The WaveCel material does not allow the Bontrager XXX helmet to sustain repeated hard impacts. If your helmet is damaged in a crash, replace it. Bontrager's Crash Replacement Guarantee provides a free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership

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