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Follow your own route, wherever it may lead. Roam is built for all types of terrain, so your choices are unlimited. Smooth roads, rough roads, dirt paths, or trails, now you can ride it all with comfort and style. With its confident, flat handlebar positioning and lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, Roam gives you all the best qualities of a mountain bike and a road bike. Its front suspension and new D-Fuse seatpost absorb road shocks and vibrations, adding comfort and control. It has powerful disc brakes and durable components, so it can take some bumps on rough city roads. And the fast rolling 700c wheels with Giant’s EasyRide Tubeless tires can handle smooth roads or dirt with less risk of a flat tire, making it a great choice for town-to-trail adventures. KEY PERFORMANCE FACTORS Agility and control Updated flat-bar frame geometry puts the rider in a position that balances efficiency with stability, and disc brakes give you added control on rugged roads or dirt. Smooth-riding comfort D-Fuse seatpost and suspension fork absorb road shocks and vibrations, and EasyRide Tubeless tires let you run lower pressure for a smoother ride quality and a reduced risk of flats. Integrated rack mounts Compatible with rear racks, allowing easy cargo capacity for daily trips or longer treks.
$699.99 $780.00 10% Off

"Townie bike" just isn't the right label for the Escape 2 Disc. It looks too good, it's just too quick, and you'll want to ride it just for fun!

The Escape 2 Disc checks plenty of boxes for an around-town runabout. It boasts light weight with an ALUXX-grade aluminum frame, alloy fork and aluminum wheels. Shifting is smooth and quick with Shimano 8-speed shifters and derailleurs. A lightweight 46/30T crankset and 11-34T Shimano cassette offer a wide gearing range for challenging hills and hauling bulky groceries. 700x38c S-X2 semi-treaded tires add confident grip on pavement and gravel alike. Trips in the rain can be worry-free with Tektro's hydraulic disc brakes to bring excellent stopping power in all conditions. A comfortable saddle sits atop an alloy D-Fuse seatpost, providing a comfortable perch for day trips. Mounts for racks, fenders and bottle cages make the Escape 2 Disc a practical bike as well as a sleek and stylish machine.

$599.99 $650.00 8% Off

The city bike scene has gotten a bit crowded, hasn't it? But Giant's Escape 2 Disc rises above the noise with a no-nonsense machine that delives solid value for money.

A lightweight aluminum frame and alloy fork are just the starting points for this useful bike. Tektro cable-operated disc brakes make stopping in the rain much less terrifying. Shimano shifters and derailleurs make gear changes quick and precise. A 48/38/28T triple crankset and 14-34T Shimano cassette brings a huge gearing range to the Escape 3 Disc, making it perfect for grocery runs in hilly terrain. Alloy wheels and puncture-resistant S-X3 700x38c tires offer a smooth ride feel, while alloy cockpit components keep the Escape 2 Disc's overall weight nice and low. A comfy saddle tops off a great machine for everyday riding!

$599.99 $650.00 8% Off
This versatile flat-bar all-rounder can get your legs spinning and motivate you to be active every day. Commute to work, ride to class, find new adventures in your daily routine. With its lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, upright positioning, and high-quality parts that give it a smooth, comfortable ride, the Escape Disc is totally versatile and totally fun to ride. It now features a high-quality steel fork and innovative D-Fuse seatpost. Both are great for smoothing out rough roads, absorbing shocks and vibrations, and giving you a smoother, more comfortable ride. The disc brakes deliver powerful braking performance in dry or wet conditions, and the 700c wheels with Giant EasyRide Tubeless tires (on select models) keep you rolling with speed, efficiency, and a reduced risk of flats. As an added bonus, there's clearance for larger tires up to 45mm in width, which makes it easier to ride rougher roads. It comes with integrated mounts, so you can customize your ride with racks or fenders. Whatever road or path you choose, Escape Disc is ready to roll. Balanced and efficient Lightweight ALUXX frame, fast-rolling 700c wheels, and confident upright positioning offer a balanced, efficient ride quality. Versatile and capable Powerful disc brakes and a wide range of gears help you increase your speed and tackle hills with more control. Rugged reliability Puncture-resistant tires feature the Giant EasyRide Tubeless system (on select models). Integrated rack mounts make it easier to carry your daily essentials or load up for weekend adventures.
$529.99 $555.00 5% Off
From parkways to paths and everything in between, this versatile bike can add some spice to your commute or fitness routine. With its flat handlebar, upright positioning, and suspension fork, you’re free to ride different types of terrain with confidence and control. With a rugged personality and a smooth riding style, ATX features the familiar flat handlebar look of a traditional mountain bike. It has a lightweight yet durable ALUXX aluminum frame and a suspension fork with 100mm of smooth travel to soak up bumps. The wheel diameter varies based on bike size, with 26-inch wheels on smaller frames and 27.5 on larger ones. This tailors the bike’s handling to a rider’s height. Powerful brakes deliver confident handling in all types of weather, and integrated mounts make it easy to add racks or fenders to suit your riding adventures. All-terrain versatility With a mountain bike-style flat handlebar and suspension fork, you can ride road or dirt with confidence. Lightweight and durable Frameset constructed with high-quality ALUXX aluminum. Comfort and stability Frame geometry puts the rider in a position that balances efficiency with stability on rough roads, paths, or trails.
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